Peyton Manning’s parents kissed the actual Blarney Stone.

Now we know why Peyton can’t stop gabbing at the line of scrimmage.

All those “Omahas” all those “Hut Hut’s” all those misdirections come from a lad with a great gift of the gab.

It may well have to do with his parents doing the same thing that millions of Americans have done to help with their own communication skills.

Peyton’s mother Olivia revealed she kissed the Blarney Stone in Cork with husband Archie when they visited the land of their heritage.

She told the Knoxville News newspaper in Tennessee that she had a fine time there.

The paper reported her as saying. ''It was beautiful. We stayed in Adare in a manor house that had been converted to a hotel.’’ She and a friend drove around, sightseeing while the men golfed.

''Archie doesn’t like to sightsee.’’ But she did convince him to visit Blarney Castle near Cork.

They had to climb winding stairs to the top to get to the Blarney Stone, and though she hates heights, Olivia "was determined to make the climb and kiss the stone.”

That’s probably where Peyton got the gift of the gab from.

Watch and listen tonight as he seeks to bamboozle the Seahawks defense.

Only problem is the Irish charm did not rub off on his brother Eli who is notably quiet.

Maybe he needs to make his own trip.