Word on the proverbial street is that the NFL game in London next season could be Patriots @ Rams (the latter officially serving as hosts). Initial word pinballing around the Internet was Rams v Jets, however that soon changed to Rams v Patriots. That appears to be common consensus as we speak early Friday morning.

One St Louis paper went as far as to say;
‘’ League sources told the Post-Dispatch on Thursday night that the team will play an AFC foe — believed to be the New England Patriots — during the 2012 regular season in London.’’

So, that kinda looks official, no?

Actual official word is coming later today. You can keep your eyes on this site

As soon as we at Boston Irish find out what the actual game is, and if it is indeed going to be Patriots @ Rams, we will tweet it from here, so, there’s that.

This is fantastic news for the legions of Patriots fans in Ireland and England. Personally speaking, my brother and I travelled to the Patriots v Tampa game and had a whale of a time. Rams fans, meanwhile, seem somewhat less than delirious about the potential news, if there online forums are anything to go by.

Take this angry fellow;
‘’Such a bunch of garbage that we have to lose a home game over this. Have an exhibition game there. Quit screwing with the actual NFL schedule.’’

Some people just can’t take ‘change’ (Even this is actually ‘continuation’, not ‘change’ per say)
How about this chap;
‘’That is what really annoys me most. How can they expect to play a game that matters in really off time zone. Sure both teams get the effect, but then it's just two teams playing like cr@p. Totally unfair to both teams.’’

Thankfully, there are some positive Rams fans out there
‘’been to london a few times
I will be there’’