Just like that, NFL week two is upon us. This new ‘game every Thursday’ gimmick means that basically the NFL is never, ever going to be more than a couple of seconds outside of our collective awareness. If that was the NFL’s plan all along, well played, Sirs. Tuesday everyone is talking about the Monday night game(s) and Wednesday, it’s time to preview the Thursday night game. Friday? Time to review the weekend games! Basically the NFL is now with us on a 24 hour basis. Is this good? Is this bad? Who know, and who cares, all I know is I went 8-8 against the spread last week, with my three top picks (Patriots, Dallas and Arizona) all winners. Now, about that week two…

Season to date
  • Last week against the spread: 8-8
  • Overall record against the spread: 8-8
  • Winning percentage: 50%
  • The finest four percentage: 100%

The finest four. 
Four picks to boost your bankroll

The Game:  Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins
Current line: Oakland -1
The Science:  The Dolphins created a huge issue for themselves by starting Ryan Tannerhill last week, basically, they have to give him another chance this week. Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden are frothing at the mouth for a chance to get at that pitiful Miami defence, while the Raiders should have their way with poor Tannerhill.
The Score:  Oakland 35 Miami 17
The Pick:  Oakland -1

The Game:  Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots
Current line:  New England -13.5
The Science: There is a reason for that relatively big line this early in the season. Something special is brewing in New England. The Patriots barely broke a sweat last week and hammered the home town Titans easily. On top of that, Arizona face a long trip for this game and have traditionally really struggled against the Patriots. Brady and his bevvy of passing options are a tough proposition for anyone, but add to that the effective running of RB Steven Ridley, and the talented, young, enthusiastic defence, and this score could get ugly early.
The Score:  Arizona 16 New England 38
The Pick:  New England -13.5

The Game: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks
Current line:  Dallas -3
The Science:  For another while yet, Dallas will continue to look like Superbowl possibilities. Way too early for their annual collapse as yet. Seattle? Me thinks some have over rated rookie QB Russell Wilson.
The Score: Dallas 35 Seattle 24
The Pick: Dallas -3

The Game:  Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers
Current line:  San Diego -6
The Science:  At first glance that line looks hefty. Then you remember the Titans were basically murdered by a somewhat rusty Patriots last week. Then you remember San Diego looked pretty damn good on the road at Oakland. Then you remember Chris Johnson carrying for 11 yards. Then you remember Jake ‘Hurt’ Locker is, well, hurt. Then you know exactly what to do.
The Score:  Tennessee 16 San Diego 32
The Pick:  San Diego -6

The best of the rest. 
Have fun with these, but don’t put the house on them

The Game:  Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers
Current line:  Green Bay -6
The Science:  Let’s ask Bears receiver Brandon Marshall how he feels about this Thursday night matchup: ‘’ "I'm 6-5 (listed at 6-foot-4), 230, and there aren't too many DBs walking around that big. "If they want to get physical, I do welcome that.’’ Mr Marshall touches on a subject that Green Bay fans have to be concerned about, the Packers defence, in particular their secondary, stank worse than some fine Wisconsin cheese against San Francisco in week one. Meanwhile, General Cutler has everything he needs, Marshall, Matt Forte and a stable of big, fast receivers, to really attack the Green Bay backfield. Aaron Rodgers will of course collect points, as always, my feeling is the Bears just might make the bigger plays on both sides of the ball.
The Score:  Chicago 30 Green Bay 27
The Pick: Chicago +6

The Game: Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts
Current line: Indianapolis -1
The Science:  Andrew Luck was anything but lucky last week, he was exceptionally accurate in his first NFL start, however his receivers did him absolutely no favours, dropping passes for fun. Luck played far better than the stats show, as did the Colts in general. Meanwhile the Vikings barely beat what could be a pretty bad Jacksonville team. Adrian Peterson played his heart out, but at what cost, on those balky knees?
The Score: Minnesota 20 Indianapolis 24
The Pick: Indianapolis -1

The Game: Tamps Buccaneers at New York Giants
Current line:  New York -9
The Science: Worship not Yee false Gods! The NYG are false Gods, and we should not be worshipping them with minus 9 points! Was anyone watching week one?! Tampa are back to their scrappy, feisty selves, whilst the Giants are nowhere near 9 point favourites.
The Score:  Tampa 23 New York 27
The Pick:  Tampa +9

The Game:  Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles
Current line: Philadelphia -1
The Science: The Eagles struggled to beat the brutal Browns, and lost wide out Jeremy Maclin in the process. The Ravens announced themselves as potential Superbowl Champions. That’s all you need really on this one.
The Score:  Baltimore 30 Philadelphia 26
The Pick:  Baltimore +1

The Game: Washington Redskins at St Louis Rams
Current line:  Washington -3
The Science: It didn’t take long for RG3 to become a road favourite, by 3 points here. The thing is, the Rams were only close to Detroit last week because Mathew Stafford handed them the ball three times. If RG3 plays even 70% as well as he did against New Orleans, the ‘Skins should be able to beat a pretty weak Rams side.
The Score:  Washington 27 St Louis 23
The Pick: Washington -3

The Game:  Denver Broncos at Atlanta Falcons
Current line: Atlanta -3
The Science: A win over Pittsburgh is still more impressive than a win over Kansas. Peyton Manning is pretty comfortable indoors, also.
The Score:  Denver 30 Atlanta 27
The Pick:  Denver +3

The rest. 
Definitely. Probably. Maybe.

The Game:  Kansas Chiefs at Buffalo Bills
Current line:  Buffalo -3.5
The Science: Wait a second, the Bills are giving points after last week, and with Fragile Freddie Jackson out with an injury? Seriously? The Chiefs were beaten up too, but come in healthier. They showed distinct signs of life in their beat-down, Buffalo? Not so much.
The Score:  Kansas 24 Buffalo 20
The Pick:  Kansas +3.5

The Game:  Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals
Current line: Cincinnati -7
The Science:  Ah yes, those Brilliant Bengals! As Borat would say, ‘Not!’. Bengals minus a touchdown? Seriously? Look, at home, against a team as offensively putrid as the Brownies, yes, The Bungles should win, however that’s too many points. I fully expect a valiant Browns effort, particularly on ‘D’, only to come up short at the end.
The Score:  Cleveland 17 Cincinnati 20
The Pick:  Cleveland +7

The Game: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers
Current line:  New Orleans -2.5
The Science:  Last week the Saints were eviscerated by Luke Skywalker. This coming weekend they get to be ripped apart again, this time by Yoda. RG3 had his way with the Saints pitiful defence, and Cam Newton, at home, after a close, bitter road loss, should be able to basically top what RG3 did. There are serious warning signs the Saints will struggle without leadership. Carolina? Just a tough road loss. They can bounce back. New Orleans? Who knows. Doesn’t look good, though.
The Score:  New Orleans 26 Carolina 33
The Pick:  Carolina +2.5

The Game: Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
Current line:  Houston -9
The Science: This is not the Miami Dolphins. The Jags are an organised NFL team with a couple of decent parts. Houston might win, but it should not be Miami all over again.
The Score:  Houston 24 Jacksonville 23
The Pick:  Jacksonville +9

The Game: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers
Current line: Pittsburgh -6
The Science: Too. Many. Points. The Steelers did not get healthy since last week! They have all sorts of injury problems. Meanwhile, the Jets are feeling pretty invincible right now. The relative shock of the week on the cards here.
The Score:  New York 23 Pittsburgh 20
The Pick:  New York +6

The Game: Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers
Current line:  Detroit +6.5
The Science: The Sports Karma Gods have been waiting for this one for a while. If you recall, Jim Harbaugh acted like a total Douchebag after his team beat Detroit last season, Trust me, the Sports Karma Gods do not look kindly on that kind of thing. Revenge time for the Lions.
The Score:  Detroit 27 San Francisco 20
The Pick:  Detroit +6.5

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