Previously we brought you the story on the new poster child of the Miami Heat, an angry, ugly woman who thought it was OK to aggressively flip the bird at the Bull’s Joakim Noah. As it turns out, the media got hold of her pretty easily. Her name is Filomena Tobias and let’s just say, she has priors.

Filomena Tobias and friends

Are you ready to meet Filomena Tobias? Let’s just warn you, the chances are you are going to like her even less than when you first met her, after you read a little extra about her exploits thus far, before becoming the new face of the Miami Heat fandom. Let’s start with another websites headline today;  'Millionaire hedge fund widow cleared of foul play in death of husband flips the bird at basketball star'. Are you tantalised as yet?

It’s true, Mrs Tobias was cleared by police in the mysterious drowning of her husband at the couple's Jupiter, Florida home in 2007 after her husband's siblings accused her of foul play.  Filomena and Seth Tobias' (the fourth in a line of four marriages that didn’t work out for Filo!) marriage was allegedly fraught with drugs and violence but although Mr Tobias' siblings suspected her of foul play in his death, she was cleared.

Want to know how the financial aspect of this went down? Delighted you asked.

Under the settlement, Tobias’s brothers Sam and Spence took complete control of Tobias Brothers Inc., a private company, which makes it difficult to value. Filomena inherited “the balance of the estate” which would include the couple’s $3.3 million Jupiter home. Under Florida law, the “inventory” of an estate is sealed.

The New York Times reported on the lives and times of the Tobiases in a completely unrelated 2007 story. Some quick highlights for you to enjoy
  • A former assistant to Seth Tobias told the police that Filomena Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband, who was on a cocaine binge, into the water, promising him sex with a male go-go dancer known as “Tiger.”
  • In March 2006, the police were called to the Tobiases’ home because of a domestic disturbance. A few days later, Seth Tobias filed for divorce. It was one week before the couple’s first anniversary.
  • Filomena Tobias claimed that she had caught him having an “adulterous affair” and that he had “gambled away tens of thousands of dollars and used other funds on illicit habits.”
  • At one point, Filomena Tobias bought a Porsche on her credit card and then cried when her husband told her to return it, one friend recounted.
  • They also secretly frequented a gay bar called Cupids in West Palm Beach
  • Filomena Tobias once paid a “300-pound gay con man and Internet psychic with a long criminal history” named Billy Ash as much as $2,500 per month for his advice.
  • Filomena would often appear at the office and demand cash. “Give me 15,000 f—— dollars. Give me 15,000 f—— dollars,” she hissed on one visit, according to the former Circle T staffer

She’s quite the catch, right?

Watch out buddy - you could be next!

Perhaps the single most annoying aspect of all of this, is the comments that came from her step-daughter, Victoria Racanti; 'She's embarrassed, but she is being a good sport. She was having fun just like any other fan. All she has to say is that people need to get a life.'

A quick note to Mrs Racanti, no, she is not being a good sport, she was being an obnoxious moron. Furthermore, she was not behaving like any other fan. She was behaving like 1% of fans, the knuckle dragging 1% that pulls stunts like that. There is zero excuse for her stupid actions.

You know, the more we go through the process that is this clown's 15 seconds of Internet fame, one thought remins truly shocking

Who could have imagined it, a relaxed and 'zen' Joakim Noah is coming across as, yes, likeable!

Rare shot of Filomena Tobias not flashing the bird at opponent player

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