For the love of God, please, someone take the shovel off of Manti Te'o. This hole he is digging is getting so deep there is no way he is going to be able to climb back out of it. You are probably following Te'o attempts to clear his sullied, muddied name by staging bizarre ESPN 'interviews' (they would appear to be 'interviews' along the same lines as a Kim Jong-il Press Release) where no real questions are asked while Manti finds new and interesting ways of making his whole story more confusing.

We will leave you to trawl through the facts and fiction and instead point you in the direction of one pretty damning comment on the unfortunate young man's part.

When asked by ESPN why Manti didn't once visit his dying girlfriend in her time in hospital, Te'o responded, and we quote;

"It never really crossed my mind."

Manti, Manti, Manti. Oh boy. It never really crossed my mind. So on one hand Te'o has told us that he had this incredible connection with a woman, after their eyes met at a Stanford v Notre Dame game (don't even get us started on that!), he even went so far as to tell us he would spend hours on end on the phone with this woman as she lay in the hospital bed, going as far as to stay on the line with her as she slept.

However, visit this poor, terrified, dying girlfriend in hospital? It never really crossed his mind.

Ladies!! Be warned! Even if Manti comes out of this somehow smelling of roses (and goodness is that unlikely right now) this is not the guy your Momma wanted you to date. Get sick, and you will be lucky to get a stuffed teddy bear or chocolates. Life crisis? He's just not bothered!

Ladies, there are always alternatives. There is always, for example, Johnny Football.

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