Kaspars Daugavins attempted a crazy 'circus shot' attempt in penalty shootout last night against the Boston Bruins

Tuukka Rask's big save led to more points for the Boston Bruins

The NHL almost made it on to the front pages of mainstream US sporting media entities last night and today, with a player trying what can only be described as a total circus shot during a penalty shootout. The Boston Bruins, busy having a fantastic season, were tied 2-2 in regulation forcing a shootout with the Ottawa Senators.

Enter Kaspars Daugavins.

Apparently he has tried this trick shot once before. Check out how he decided to try and get the puc past Boston's Tuukka Rask.

The other time he tried it, it worked, however, that's a pretty lame excuse. After his miss or Rask's save, whichever way you look at it, Boston went on to score their (conventional) penalty shot, so Daugavins' flamboyant attempt came at a steep price. You have to wonder what his Ottawa team mates thought as they watched, jaws dropped, as he made his way towards Rask.

As it worked out, another point for the Bruins, who are quietly enjoying a superb, truncated NHL season, and look set for what could hopefully be a deep run into the playoffs.

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