The Jeremy Lin show just rolls on and on. Like 'Stomp' or 'Wicked', the tickets just keep on selling. The headlines have toned down a little since ESPN tried to explode the Internet with a racist headline Rush Limbaugh would have been ashamed of, but the publics hunger for Lin related news material is simply insatiable.

The content of said news 'stories' ranges from the banal, to the insane and back. Two particular stories grabbed ones attention this week. First, that bastion of modern new reporting, the New York Post, belched out a story on how Lin doesn't like women who dress 'slutty'. No, seriously. An entire piece was devoted to this. Second, we can now confirm, thanks to the New York Observer, that Lin has his own recreational drug names after him. Or at least a strain of same.

First to the Post. It 'reported', and we use that term loosely, that Lin was spotted out and about dressed in a "..classic dorky Harvard guy, jeans, sneakers, a blue plaid shirt and a white sweater..'' ensemble. Other important items brought to our attention by the Post were that Lin did not drink (alcahol, anyway, no word on what his favourite soft drink is) and that he was surrounded by teems of adoring women

Fascinatingly, the Post deemed it important to note that Lin only; ".. seemed interested in smart girls that didn't look slutty." Well now! Ring chasing, money grabbing, sluttily dressed women of New York beware, you ain't gonna get Lin's attention dressed like that!

Jeremy Lin says' ''No!!''

The Post closes by telling us that Lin left alone. But, you probably guessed that already. Informative stuff anyway, riveting! But, what do you expect from an article that contains the following in the comments section; ''The Knicks was awesome against the Cavaliers''

I am sure they 'was'. Anyway, moving on...

Jeremy Lin says; ''Maybe!!''

On to this whole recreational drug thing, brought to us by the good people at the New York Observer. We are going to tread carefully here, due to the nature of the content of the story, but the Observer tells us that; ''Jeremy Lin now has a (recreational drug) strain named after him, one that appears to be sold in an undisclosed (but fairly reputable-looking, judging by the handiwork on the label) (recreational drug) dispensary.''

No comment from the Lin camp on this one, as yet, however you can imagine the lawsuit is just around the corner, given how Lin feels about, you know, sluttily dressed women.