Such wonderful news! Michael Vick has been handed the third highest contract in the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles! Put down that stethoscope, history book, police man’s baton or accountancy ledger. This news needs, no, demands to be celebrated. Us commoners should be leaving our menial tasks, running into the streets, embracing, holding each other, basically basking in the heartening news that Vick will be earning $100 million over the next six years. Yes! He! Can! Call someone you love, tell them the news!

According to ESPN, who appear to be attempting to rewrite the Michael Vick story along the same terms as the North Korean Government publicity department reports on Kim Jong Il;

‘’(Vick) played only 32 games under that deal before legal problems derailed his career.’’

Legal problems? Are you fudging serious? Legal problems? This disgusting ingrate stood and watched as animals that he and his moronic, brainless friends bred, ripped each other to shreds, literally clawing and biting their bodies to pieces. Legal problems? Not paying a parking fine is a legal problem. Breeding, killing and gambling on animals getting killed is not a legal problem, it is sociopathic behavior.

Let’s get one thing sorted before we carry on, because there are undoubtedly countless Eagles, Vick and other fans ready to pounce on the comments section below without considering what this column is actually trying to say. This isn’t a random attack on the Eagles. This isn’t a written slate against Vick, who this column couldn’t care less about either way. It is in reaction to the completely unbelievable about face being shown currently by the US sporting media to the whole Vick affair.

Remember people, it was not that long ago that the very writers who are now busy writing uncomfortably sycophantic pieces about Vick were busy ramming written daggers into his heart and soul on the back of his disgusting crimes.

You know what, call this whatever you want, but please, stop calling it a wonderful story, and a great depiction of what ‘America is all about’. Pass me the bucket, what a sickening misuse of a phrase meant for those who work their way up from the gutter, legally, and find a productive niche in society. Is everyone really comfortable with the below statement by Eagles coach Andy Reid;

"This is really what America's all about.’’

So therefore, understanding what the oaf of an Eagles coach is saying. we can surmise that America is all about killing animals in the most cruel, disgusting and evil of ways, wasting millions of dollars sloshing around with your entourage of leeches, insulting a city, a state and a nation by basically pissing away your first $100 million contract, and then ramping up to do it all again one more time? That’s what America is all about? Really?

Call it what you want, but come on, please stop throwing bouquets at this story. It is not what America is all about. It isn’t a wonderful comeback story. There is no great life lesson here. The depravity of Vick and his idiot friends callous, evil behavior has been completely wiped under the carpet. And do not dare throw that hackneyed, cliché at me ‘Oh, Vick has served his term and deserves a second chance!’ – Please stop saying stupid things! Of course everyone deserves a second chance, however people who commit truly evil, nasty and cruel crimes do not deserve second $100 million contracts, and they certainly, above all, do not deserve to be deified to the extent we are already worshipping this Vick character.

ESPN and other sporting media outlets can dress this whatever way they want, you can count this column as one of those not ready to buy into this ‘wonderful’ story just yet.

Today my Dad went to work helping educate young people. He did so with the same humility, passion and character he has shown for the last forty years. He did so without hurting or killing any animals, and he did so without wasting money on other illegal ventures. I guarantee you, you know twenty people in your life who or more deserving of the adulation and hyperbole being spent, no, wasted on Michael Vick right now.

And yet those most deserving are completely ignored, while some fool, who is set to trick us all a second time, gets treated like a King because he can run faster than most of us, and throw a football a little harder and farther than the rest of us.

Sports can be as confusing and disappointing as it is enjoyable.



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