Worried about your answer to the topical question as to whether the Washington NFL team's nickname and logo are racist or not? Can't find the time to figure it out for yourself? Our handy guide can help you come up with an answer in seconds!

It's hard to find time to progress even the most simple of tasks in this crazy, Internet fuelled, whirlwind World we live in today. More often than not, the more philosophical of tasks often fall by the wayside, a victim of time management issues and the importance of updating your Facebook page.

One of the questions which many of us just don't have time to 'get into' orbits around the Washington NFL team, and if you think their nickname and logo are racist, or not.

We're here to provide you with a simple questionnaire which will tell you what you should respond with on this topical question, if anyone asks you about it.

Breeze through these few questions and answer Yes or No to each, and then consult our handy chart at the bottom to find out which category you fit into! 

Q1. Do you think that this picture could be described as racist? Yes or No.

Q2. Do you see a problem in a professional team using a stereotype as it's nickname/logo in general? Yes or No.

Q3. Can you see any potential irony at all in this picture? Yes or No.

 Q4. Would you be in theory against a team from, for example, South Boston, calling itself the 'Ginger haired potato farmers'? Yes or No.

Q5. Do you agree that this picture might be slightly offensive to some minorities? Yes or No.

Q6. Do you see any issue with this picture from a couple of years ago of the entire Spanish men's basketball team making 'slanty eyes' to the camera? Yes or No.

Q7. Would you be against a team from San Francisco 'celebrating' it's Asian populace and culture by using the below as their new logo. Yes or No.

Q8: Can you see how the below logo for a New York sports team might be offensive to some parties? Yes or No.

Q9. Finally, do you see any problem at all with the below proposed logo for the Washington team? Yes or No. 


If you answered mostly 'Yes' to the above questions: You are offended, like all normal people, by racial stereotyping. You should answer 'Yes' when asked if you think the Washington NFL team's nickname and logo are racist.

If you answered 50/50 Yes and No to the above questions: You are officially on the fence, and should basically change the topic if anyone asks you if you think the Washington NFL team's nickname and logo are racist.

If you answered 'No' primarily to the above questions: Congratulations! You are a steaming, flaming pile of racism! No doubt you and Chipper Jones are best buddies, and we are probably distracting you from the latest Paula Deen cook book as we speak. Go forth and conquer, and don't worry about education, decency, dignity, compassion or understanding of other people or races or anything like that. Leave that up to those lefty, cry baby, hippy liberals!

Right - A primarily 'No' voter

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