Jets coach Rex Ryan is at it again. After a regular season ending, empty, meaningless win over a very bad Buffalo team, Ryan has announced his Jets squad as Superbowl favourites.

"I thought we'd win it last year. I think we're going to win it this year,"
Ryan is basically doing nothing but putting a massive bull’s-eye target on his sixth seeded wild card team.

The Jets are a talented, veteran squad with upper level skill players on both sides of the team, up and down their roster. They no doubt have the pure talent to win a Super Bowl. The question is, do they have the coaches to lead them to that title?

The Jets are hurting a little, their quarterback is nursing a damaged wing and they basically backed their way into the playoffs, winning an entirely meaningless game against a brutal Buffalo team on the last day of the season. Sadly for Fireman Ed and the rest of Jets nation, recent results have been less than exemplary. Jay Cutler and Tom Brady had their merry ways with the Jets secondary while New York failed to score a touchdown against a Miami team that then completely folded its last three games.

That’s the best team in the NFL? Really, Rex?

Once again though, the Jets form or skill is not being debated here, what is up for question is, why does their coaching staff insist on putting such ruinously heavy weight on their own teams shoulders?

The Jets, to win the Superbowl, will most likely have to beat the Colts, Patriots, Steelers and Falcons or Saints, in that order. On the road. To put it further in perspective, to win it all, the Jets Mark Sanchez is going to have to outplay three quarterbacks that have six Superbowl rings between them, Indianapolis' Peyton Manning, New England's Tom Brady and Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger. Of course, there is no doubt it could happen. They have the players to do it. However, what is the point in announcing to their upcoming four power house franchises that they are going to beat them? All that does is ensure those teams will be ready and waiting for them.

You think any of those teams are afraid of a Jets team that failed to score in Miami? A Jets team that conceded around 80 points to the Bears and Patriots?

All Ryan has done is fire up the likes of Dwight Freeney, Vince Wilfork and James Harrison. All he has done is intimate to his own team that anything but a Superbowl is abject failure. They will be playing every snap with tremendous pressure on their shoulder pads.

Ryan’s most seemingly innocuous comment is possibly his most revealing. It reveals his essential need to keep his mouth moving. He is like a shark, which needs to keep swimming to survive. Ryan seems to need to keep talking to do same.

There’s a great Simpsons episode where Homer is listening to Ricky Gervais’ painfully English character prattle on before Homer finally exclaims, exasperated, ‘You take forever to say nothing!''

With that in mind, here is Ryan on the Jets plans for this coming weekend.
''We're not going there to lose. We're going there to win. That's our mentality. That's my mentality. Always will be. I'm not apologizing for feeling this way. I believe in our football team. I know that's an excellent team we're playing, but they're getting our best shot."

Rex Ryan, you take forever to say nothing!



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