Enjoyable rugby trick-shot video created by young Irish lad gains the attention of All Blacks legendary outhalf Dan Carter

George Morgan strutts his stuff

You may remember the brilliant ‘trick shot’ video we talked about some time ago by Håvard Rugland in Norway. Håvard is now working on an NFL career while his video is up to an incredible 2,750,229 views. Ireland now has its own trick shot star on YouTube. Step forward George Morgan. His enjoyable video centres around his rugby skills. Check out the lads ability to hit a lamppost at will.

We loved the shot straight into the waste basket.

A terrific side note to this enjoyable video. One of the greatest players ever to grace the game, New Zealand’s Dan Carter, took note of the video and gave George a nice shout-out on same. Tip of the cap to Dan, classy stuff.

All Blacks legend Dan Carter

The best part of the whole thing? The massive smile on George’s face as he goes through his repertoire of trick shots.

Sometimes sports is just all about the fun of it.

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