Fantastic highlight video of Brian O’Driscoll’s glittering career created as some urge for statue to be erected in his honour

Brian O'Driscoll - might he become the first Irishman to captain the Lions twice?

Get ready for a hell of a lot of Brian O’Driscoll related stories doing the rounds on Irish related sporting media the next few days in particular. Ireland finish off what can only be described as a disappointing Six Nations tournament this weekend with a game against Italy, in what could conceivably be the final game in an Irish jersey for who some think is Ireland’s greatest Rugby Union player of all time, one Brian O’Driscoll.

The match has added importance with a view to the Lions tour this coming Summer. Some are taking Lions coach Warren Gatland’s presence at the Irish training camp yesterday as a sign that he will be considering O’Driscoll for the captain’s armband for the touring party. This would of course make Brian the first Irishman to captain the tourists for a second time, a massive honour. Adding fuel to the fire, it should be noted that Gatland was the coach who pushed O’Driscoll to the fore, into the Ireland side in 1999 before he had ever even played for Leinster’s full side. Perhaps it is no coincidence the Lions coach is in town.

As we were saying, there is going to be a huge volume of ‘BOD’ material the next few days, some of worthy of our time, some of it a little hysterical. One fan has gone to the lengths of creating a Facebook page urging people to demand a statue be created for O’Driscoll, for his services to Irish rugby. I will leave it up to you to decide if that’s completely bonkers or not. Someone has also gone to the bother of creating what can only be described as a magnificent highlight video of the great man’s career. If you are a fan of Brian’s at all, you need to check this video out. Find 8 minutes of your time, take the phone off the hook, put your iPad down for a while, and just enjoy what is a fitting tribute to O’Driscoll.

It feels funny saying this past tense, but, watching that video, damn he was good, right? You forget sometimes what a sensational finisher he was, back when he still had pace to burn and before a number of injuries forced him to rely more on his head and less on his legs.

To finish on a personal note, if you have lived in or around the South side of Dublin the last decade or so, you invariably have a Brian O’Driscoll story to share. He used to frequent a bookmakers near Baggot Street a few years ago, and this author met him and chatted to him about three or four times. You couldn’t chance upon a more charming, easy going and personable individual. His complete and utter lack of ego is a testament to the man’s character.

Put it this way, considering his achievements, what he has meant to Irish sports and his charming, disarming personality, if they want to put a statue up on Grafton Street for the man, you won’t hear this guy complain about it.

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