Golson is clear favorite to start in Dublin
The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame conducted its annual media day on Thursday, as the Irish get ready to take on the Naval Academy in Dublin, Ireland, for its season opener.

Head Coach Brian Kelly remained tight-lipped on who he is giving the nod to start at the Quarterback position. While it was largely a two-horse race between Sophomore Everett Golson and Junior Andrew Hendrix, the Notre Dame nation of fans are about 80% leaning toward Golson.

“Yeah, I think we're getting closer to that,” Kelly said. “Certainly as we start to prepare, it's not going to be a 50/50 proposition. We're moving closer towards that as we move into actually working against Navy.

“I think probably Monday we sit down and talk about how the reps are going to be distributed. But there's still so much learning, so it wouldn't be as cut and dry as say, here's my No. 1. The door will still be open for growth during that week, but we'll start to separate the reps a little bit.”

On the subject of "reps", Golson had 126 passes on Wednesday in practice while only throwing one interception.

If the starting QB was to be determined by correcting the amount of turnovers that were the subject of much of last seasons criticisms by the quarterback position, then lock it up & throw away the key.....Golson will start in Dublin.

I had always genuinely believed that Hendrix would start ahead of Golson in Dublin and that the two would either rotate or be utilized on a situational basis, just based off the experience he had coupled with the fact that it is the first game of the season. On Thursday, Kelly put paid to my way of thinking....

“You know, I've played two quarterbacks only because I've had to play two quarterbacks,” he said. “I don't think I want to play two quarterbacks. I'd rather have one guy make himself known to everybody that he's the starter. Always love to have a No. 2 that can go and win for you. I wouldn't subscribe to the fact that two is really where I want to be. We still want to be with a singular quarterback.”

Click on youtube video for full Brian Kelly press conference on media day.


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