Florida Gulf Coast drop a load of dunks on, well, everyone, on their way to the Sweet Sixteen.

FGC go dunk crazy

First Harvard knocked out number 3 seeded New Mexico. Then Wichita State bonked out number 1 seeded Gonzaga. Make no mistake however, the underdog story of March Madness thus far is Florida Gulf Coast. The tiny college which only reopened for business in 1997 has blasted aside first the 2nd ranked Georgetown Hoyas and now 7th ranked San Diego State.

Florida Gulf Coast's (FGC) weapon of choice?

The dunk.

There's a video doing the rounds with FGC's wide array of 'get out of your seat' dunks, doing the rounds, we have that embedded for your viewing pleasure below, however you will notice there appears to be a rap video wrapped around the important stuff (the dunks). If you want to cut straight to the dunking action, we have you covered too,just go here. 

Enough with the talk, on to the dunks. Here are all of Florida Gulf Coast's postseason dunks, starting with their Atlantic Sun quarterfinal against North Florida.

Well now, how's that? You probably feel posterized after just watching that. Here's hoping FGC can continue their merry romp through March Madness.

The kids look like they are having fun, and they are definitely fun to watch.

FGC celebrate yet another dunk

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