There is nothing quite like a fan base living up to it's stereotype, and last night in Oakland, the natives were restless. With the Chargers playing the Raiders on Monday night football, a pretty scary brawl broke out in the stands. Oddly enough, it would appear it was knuckle-head Oakland fans fighting amongst themselves.

Perhaps they were unhappy at the shallacking they were taking from the Chargers, and decided to punish themselves, or something along those lines.

The pictures are pretty intense, but the video footage is downright scary. Whilst it will not remind anyone of the hairier days of Leeds United and Millwall fans practically killing each other in England in the 80s, it's still scary enough. Kind of looks like something Paul Greengrass would shoot, shaky hand held camera, throbbing score in the background, lots of action.

Let's have a look at the pictures. If you click on them you get them in high definition, frankly, odd as it sounds, it is well worth doing. They are very dramatic pictures, with an almost arty feel about them. If we find out who took them we will be sure to credit them, for now they are appearing freely in the public domain. Jumping right in....

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