Doc Rivers is looking for another job. Boston fans and sporting media are not happy about it. 

Doc Rivers - ''Calm down, people, calm down!''

It would appear as if the Doc Rivers 'trade' to the LA Clippers, in a package with Kevin Garnett, might be dead in the water. After a painful few days of drawn out negotiations, the Clippers have said they are leaving the table, and not coming back. The Celtics, and Doc Rivers, are left standing there with their pants down a little.

Meanwhile, the Boston sporting media is not amused.that Rivers seems to have been actively flirting with the Clippers. 'Should Doc be allowed back to the Celtics?' one headline cried, as if Rivers was a naughty street urchin, who isn't getting any supper. 'Can Rivers come back to the Celtics?' asked another, while a further headline appealed to the masses 'Do you think Rivers can come back to Boston?' It is safe to say the Boston Celtics fans at large, and the Boston sporting media, are seriously indignant that Rivers should dare talk to another club about working for them, while employed in Boston.

Wait a second.

How on earth is it okay that we are going to judge Rivers on this, and find him guilty?

Are we really suggesting that nobody should be allowed look for a better job, a better situation, a better opportunity, than the one they are in currently?

Are we really saying that none of us have ever looked for another job while currently employed somewhere else? Are we really suggesting that with a straight face and no hint of a snigger?

Another aspect to this is, hasn't Rivers done his job and more, with the Celtics? Hasn't he delivered? They were generally competitive as a ball club for the large part of his tenure. They delivered a glorious NBA title, and were only just short of a couple more. Has Rivers not delivered on his remit?

Or do people in Boston, both fans and media, feel as if they have some sort of bizarre ownership of the man?

One final thought, This whole thing is ugly. Boston fans and media suggesting Rivers is behaving anything other than exactly how all of us, bar none, would act in his position, in a regular job, are not only being stupid and ignorant to common every day facts, they are being incredibly arrogant too.

This happens all the flipping time in sports. Coaches move on, particularly when they are in a position to make their jobs, their salaries and indeed their lives better.

Sure, the deal may be dead. Either way, Boston sports fans and Ye Olde Towne sporting media have made a donkeys backside of themselves yet again.

Rivers is perfectly entitled to pursue a better life. We all are. Suggesting anything less is frankly pretty un-American. You don't hate America, do you?!

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