Should be interesting to see how the religious right takes this one. Word has come out that the all powerful, market dominant EA video game 'Madden 13' will have 'Tebowing' as one of the touchdown celebrations. At this stage in the game, most people have come to accept 'Tebowing' as a harmless little gimmick, and some are even analyzing it as actually a sign of respect for the person it is imitating, Tim Tebow.

From first look, EA has done a pretty good job with it, but, you be the judge.

From The Bleachers can't wait to get playing Madden 13, to see if in Franchise mode as the Saints you can implement a bounty system, and those little CGI characters go attacking other players knees and what not.

We do know now that Tebowing is in the game, and, it looks pretty funny (no way to tell as yet how funny it will be after your first 4,565 touchdowns, though)

No word as yet if 'Gronking' (spiking the rock as hard as possible) or 'Bradying' have made the cut. No word either if Tebow's Madden character can throw the ball in a straight line or not either.