As we approach another long, drawn out Alex Rodriguez 'situation', the much maligned slugger can do the baseball loving World a favour and lay down arms, surrender and try his hand at something else

It's all about A-Rod

By now you probably have a general idea of the basics. If you are an adult male aged 17-70 and are in possession of an Internet browser and a pulse, you are probably a quasi-expert on the latest A-Rod situation. You have no choice really but to be, because once again A-Rod is holding us hostage to his unique brand of fraud, drama and bullshit.

In short, A-Rod is in trouble yet again. His name has been linked in the same report that ‘got’ Ryan Braun, the Biogenesis scandal (no, this has nothing to do with an alternative rock band started in the 70s by Peter Gabriel, this is all about needles and drugs).

The battle lines have been drawn and the first volley of shots are about to be fired. Word is MLB, frustrated by A-Rod’s refusal to take a plea bargain type deal for a lesser sentence, are prepared to throw the proverbial book at the goofy slugger. Apparently commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to use Article XI, Section A1b of the collective bargaining agreement “to effectively keep Rodriguez from ever returning to the field by bypassing the grievance procedure outlined in the joint drug program [that] MLB operates in conjunction with the Players’ Association,” Rodriguez would be suspended immediately for violating the “integrity of the game” and would later get a suspension for violating the drug program. MLB are not only accusing A-Rod of ‘roiding up’, they are also accusing him of intimidating witnesses and buying documents that incriminated him, rather than letting them fall into the hands of investigators.

In short, A-Rod is up to his neck in filth, and MLB wants to absolutely slate him for it.

The initial word from the A-Rod camp is he is going to fight the entire process every single inch of the way.

That’s A-Rod all over though isn’t it? All through his career A-Rod has been about himself first. His stats, his ‘legacy’, his money. It is no coincidence that he has been hated by players and fans alike at every single club he has played for.

Make no mistake about it, every single fan base he has graced with his reverse-Midas touch carries a special kind of hatred for the man. Whatever you do, don’t mention the name A-Rod to Seattle Mariners fans. If you recall, they showered the money grabbing slugger with dollar bills when he showed his face in Seattle after leaving for one of his many big pay days. His own team-mates in Texas openly mocked him, giving him a couple of nicknames, take your pick from ‘Bitch tits’ or ‘The Cooler’. The latter is the perfect description of A-Rod at the time, alluding to the Vegas hey-day ‘coolers’ that pit bosses employed to ‘cool off’ hot tables.

In other words, A-Rods team-mates in Texas nicknamed him based on his ability to cool off a rally.

They weren’t exactly showering him with love now, were they?

New York? A-Rod has been through the full range of emotions with both the fans and his team mates in New York. The Yankees have thus far successfully managed to protect their clubhouse details, however previous leaks have suggested A-Rod is basically on his own in there, having taken on Jeter and others once too often. The fans? If A-Rod does come back, his first 0-10 stretch will show us how the fans in the Big Apple feel about A-Rod.

Spoiler alert: Boo!

Perhaps no fans base detests A-Rod with more gleeful passion than Boston’s, and with understandable reason too. Need we remind you of the time A-Rod tried to slap the ball out of Arroyo’s mitt? Being so entrenched together in the AL East, RedSox fans have had a front row seat to the daily circus that has been A-Rod’s reign of terror in New York. Boston and Toronto fans don’t often see eye-to-eye however, the night A-Rod shouted ‘Got it!’ as he rounded third in Toronto, that night, we were all Blue jays fans.

Could A-Rod perhaps make something useful out of this and call his amazing ability to unite disparate fan bases against him a positive thing? A tangible skill?

As we cruise headlong towards this undoubtedly horrific car crash that will be MLB v A-Rod, round 12, you have to wonder, what kind of happiness or enjoyment could the latter be getting from this dance, at this stage? Sure, he is obviously going to fight this to protect his 'earnings' for the next few years, however, A-Rod already has enough money to buy Saudi Arabia. How on earth does he think this is going to end well, and why is he seemingly happy to go head to head with Bud Selig and his goons, and fight a long drawn out battle where his name will be, once more, dragged through the mud. 

Wouldn't A-Rod be saving a lot of people, himself included, a lot of time and effort, if he just called a halt to the madness and stopped trying to pretend he is clean. 

We all know you are filthy A-Rod, straight up dirty.

Do the right thing Alex. Retire. Go away, go spend your money and let us enjoy our game again, without having to suffer through another one of your introverted, painful stunts.

A-Rod - he's boring himself at this stage
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