This is brilliant. I would go as far as uplifting (and there are plenty of us out there that need a lift right now, New York, I am looking at you!). The Cavs young star Kyrie Irving and a soda drink have teamed up to create this joyfully funny character 'Uncle Drew', basically Irving in heavy make up as an old street-baller.

He turns up at random street courts and wows the locals with his surprisingly awesome play. Let's get one subject out of the way straight away, this video is so good, it doesn't matter that it is basically an advertisement for a soft drink. Let's move on. There is a part one to what appears to be building to a series, however we are skipping straight to number two because basically this one is better than part one. This is 'The Empire Strikes Back' to part one's 'Star Wars', if you will.

For Part Two, Irving gets together with Kevin Love, and they play Uncle Drew and his old buddy 'Wes'. They take to a street court and take on 'The Young Bloods'. Check out the expression on the courtside fans and players as the two old guys show up.

Enough with the chit chat. Free up five minutes for yourself and watch this.

Fantastic stuff, no? Bill Russell's appearance is an added bonus. The on-court action is really funny, and even the music is great.

It is rare that something this creative and funny comes along, so don't bother picking at it, trying to find flaw and fault, let's just enjoy it for what it is.

We can't wait for Uncle Drew, Part III

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