Bryce Harper
Washington phenom Bryce Harper might have collected his first hit last night. We are not entirely sure, the incident was that cluttered with peripheral information. There is just a heck of a lot of stuff going on in this short video clip. Where to start?

Just in case you were focused on the baseball action, take note of the gentlemen behind home plate, who offer the Dodgers pitcher a quick moon as he delivers. Said gentleman paid the highest price possible for their youthful exertions. Eviction. Notice the seats they were occupying are suspiciously vacant by the end of the clip.

Here's the clips in question:

Update: Watch this clip while you can. The Waffen SS MLB has been hunting this video down all day long, taking it off any site it can find it on, and amazingly, showing incredible attention to detail, and a complete lack of a sense of humour, they have managed to show Harper's big moment on with the moon cropped out.

Well, try cropping this, MLB!

How about Harper knocking his helmet off in between first and second? An innocent expression of youth, or a savvy\cynical moment of business acumen (showing his face off to the world with all cameras on him)?

That’s for you to decide.

Either way, we have either witnessed the first of many a hit of the next Alex Rodriguez, or the first of a handful before he flames out too early, ala Greg ‘Toe’ Nash.

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