Bruins goalkeeper takes care of business in the crease during the Boston versus Toronto playoff game seven last night

Tuukka Rask - Boston Bruins keeper

Incredible comeback by the Boston Bruins last night. Playing game seven against Toronto, for a place in the conference semi finals, they were absolutely dead and buried down 1-4 late in the game. The Maple Leafs were completely dominant to that point, and their fans were celebrating like maniacs on the streets of Toronto.

The Bruins got one back to make it 2-4, however Toronto looked nailed-on to score and salt the game away on a fast-break. Instead, Bruin's keeper Tuukka Rask made a superb save, and allowed what happened next to occur. As time wound down, the Bruins stunned Toronto with two very late goals (one with only 50 seconds left) and then scored the vital goal in overtime.

Boston moves on to play the Rangers in the conference semi finals.

Rask made a number of key saves in the comeback, but also had another interesting moment. During the game, Toronto's Joffrey Lupul decided to venture into the crease. Let's just say Tuukka Rask took care of business.

Tuukka Rask @ work

You have to love the honesty of the NHL. The honesty and also the lack of prima-donna, Diva types. Imagine for one second if the above happened in any of the other major sports. Even the NFL. ESPN would literally explode. Rick Reilly would wet himself with excitement.  Hey, whether it is right or wrong to box someone in the snout during a hockey game, it is a credit to hockey fans and the hockey media too, that this hasn't been turned (yet anyway) into a big deal.

The game was intense, someone got punched by a goalie, move along, nothing to see here. You have to love hockey, and, unless you are  Joffrey Lupul, you have to love Tuukka Rask.

The Boston Bruins

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