All the talk on the Texas A&M campus right now is around whether Quarterback Johnny Manziel will stay for another year at the collegiate level, or if he will take his talents to the NFL instead. We talked to one of the bookmakers who has set odds on this very question.

Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel led his team to one last big win last night, hammering Duke 52-48, and as soon as the game ended the questions started, will Manziel stay at the college level next season or will he join the ranks of the NFL?

The speculation is voluminous, to say the least. From Twitter threads to the sports pages, to Texas A&M forums filled with sad fans trying to convince each other he's staying, like passengers on the Titanic convincing each other the ship isn't going down.

To cut through the noise and get closer to a logical answer to the question, we approached a well known bookmaker to ask him, what are the odds of Johnny Manziel staying in school next season?

Viktor Jerkoffavitch of Back Alley Sports Betting had this to say;

''We took a number of things into consideration while setting these odds. After lengthy analysis it was clear to us that money, fame and, well, money, are probably more important to Manziel than anything else. So with that in mind we are offering 2,500/1 that Manziel will stay at Texas A&M.''

Manziel. Money.

''Of course there is also the fact that, you know, he hates being there, too.''

What these odds of 2,500/1 means is that it is rather unlikely that Mr Manziel will be staying in college for another year. Essentially there is, as they say, a snowball's chance in hell.

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