Normally 'tripping' in hockey costs you two minutes in the sin bin. For one delinquent Dad it is costing him 15 days in the slammer.

Martin Tremblay of Vancouver will serve 15 days in jail for assault, an incident where he tripped an opposing player after his son's youth hockey game.Tremblay (48) swept out the leg of an opposing player while the teams were going through the age old youth hockey ritual of lining up to shake hands after the game. Two players, a 10-year-old and a 13-year-old, fell to the ice.

The bush league move was caught on video and yes, we have it for you right here:

The former coach (yes, he lost his gig as a coach because of this) is said to have acted out like this because of issues linked anger-management problems. That and he is clearly a total **** (If in doubt at all at this flippant derisory judgement, press replay on the above video).

One final bizarre anecdote attached to this sad tale of bullying. Google the name Martin Tremblay and you not only find this ugly bully, you also find serial sex offender Martin Tremblay, not to be confused with the bully, who was convicted of killing people back in 2010.

Not the World’s absolute greatest name, it would appear.

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