First things first, apologies if any normal, polite and reasonable Serbian football fan or regular Serbian Joe Punter person takes offence to the below, this is not directed at you, this is directed at your brethren who can’t contain themselves, and your football federation, who won’t contain them.

On to the matter at hand. Our American readers are going to find the pictures and videos on this piece shocking. You just don’t see this level of hate and violence in organised sport in the USA. Now, our Irish and European readers are going to think ‘Sure, seen this before, it’s just Serbia being Serbia’. However, enough is enough. No more excuses. No more warnings. This has to be the final straw. It is time to kick Serbia out of all FIFA and UEFA competitions for a good period, preferably ten years. FIFA needs to act now, and show its members, show the World, that FIFA does not condone racism, violence and thuggery at any level. At this stage there is absolutely no alternative, and FIFA has to stand up to these disgusting Serbian bullies.

Throw. Them. Out.


A quick recap on last night’s Serbian indiscretions.

  • England beat Serbia 1-0 in a crucial Under 21 match last night – meaning England went through and Serbia were knocked out. The end of the match saw the English players and coaches quite literally fighting, scrapping for their lives as some Serbian coaches, officials, players and fans attacked them
  • Other Serbian fans hailed missiles in the form of bottles, cans and other paraphernalia at the English players and backroom staff
  • England coach Martin Thomas was head-butted by a Serbian coach after the game (No, seriously, check the picture out above)
  • English player Danny Rose was racially and violently taunted all night long 'Two stones hit me in the head when I went to get the ball for a throw-in and whenever I touched the ball there was monkey chanting.’

Serbia, as they say, has priors. Last year UEFA president Michel Platini threatened Serbia with expulsion from Euro 2012 and their clubs with exclusion from European competition if they did not sort out their hooliganism and racism problems. Prior to that Serbia were fined £16,000 in 2007 by UEFA after England defender, Nedum Onuoha was abused by fans at the 2007 Under-21 European Championship in Holland.

Enough is enough.

Check this video out. Watch as the missiles start to rain down, the crowd chants aggressive, racist slogans and slander, and then the fights break out amongst the players and staff.

There is absolutely no excuse for last night, and Serbia has a back-list of priors, so there has to be a line drawn under this. Toss the book at them, and make them an example to all who would try to bring hate, ignorance and aggressive bullying to the stadium. The excuses being set forth so far are completely pathetic. History, colonialism, cultural differences, excuse me but that’s just pathetic. Take responsibility, Serbia. No one is picking on you, this is your problem. Stop lashing out and blaming everyone from Imperialist Britain to Bosnia to Obama’s America.

This is your problem, take responsibility and deal with it. No one forced your fans to throw missiles at the English players last night, and certainly no one forced the idiots amongst your fans to make monkey noises at Danny Rose, the young, talented English player. Look at yourself in the mirror, Serbia, and ask yourself, ‘Is this acceptable?’ No it is not.

This video gives an even more graphic portrayal of events last night (not sure how long it will survive before being taken down however)

At best, Serbia look simply like sore losers, throwing missiles on the field after England beat them 1-0 with a dramatic late goal from Sunderland’s Conor Wickham. At worst, Serbian football supporters look like hateful, spiteful, ignorant and dangerous racists. They have priors, they have been doing this for years and FIFA and UEFA has warned them over and over.

Until their football federation is brave enough to do something about their disgraceful behaviour, Serbia has to be banned from World football.

There is simply no place in the modern World for their knuckle-dragging behaviour.

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