Are you getting excited for the Super Bowl XLVI showdown between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and Eli Manning’s New York Giants? Need a refresher on some of this season’s stats? The Washington Post has got you covered.

Super Bowl XLVI is sure to be a thrilling one as it’s featuring a rematch of the 2007 Super Bowl XLII teams. Back in 2007, the New York Giants famously ended the New England Patriots unprecedented run at a perfect season with a final score of 17 to 14.

The New York Giants have been featured in three separate Super Bowl championships. Their last appearance was in 2007 when they beat the New England Patriots.
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Big Blue also gave the Patriots an upset back in November when they ended New England’s 20 game winning streak when they beat them on their home turf at Gilette Stadium in Boston.

The New England Patriots have been a part of six prior Super Bowl championships, three of which they have won. No easy indicator there as to whether or not they’ll find victory in Indianapolis on Sunday.

Sunday will be Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning’s second run at a Super Bowl title. If the Giants win on Sunday, he’ll have one more Super Bowl ring than his older brother Peyton Manning, who is quarterback for the Colts.

With Manning and Brady going head-to-head on Sunday, Super Bowl XLVI will feature the first match-up between two quarterbacks who both have won a Super Bowl MVP award.

Will Manning prove a threat to Brady, who is only one of four players to have won the Super Bowl MVP more than once? Brady is in good company along with the likes of Hall of Famers Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr, who all have multiple Super Bowl MVP titles.

Who do you think has the upperhand for Sunday’s showdown in Indianapolis? Manning or Brady? Will you be cheering on New England or New York? Sound off in the comments below!

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