Sheamus has revealed he wants to win the WWE title against John Cena on Sunday night for Ireland and Irish people everywhere, and that he will leave Cena "black and blue."

The Celtic Warrior AKA Stephen Farrelly (31), from Dublin says, "as far as I'm concerned, I really don't care what the people think. ... Come Sunday, I want to be the first Irish WWE champion, the first real European WWE champion." he told" I 'm gonna kick lumps outta John Cena. I'm gonna leave him black and blue."

He also says he made incredible sacrifices to get where he is now – one step away form the title. "I sacrificed an awful lot to get here. I worked a couple of jobs to save money; I slept in airports. I'd fly over to England on a Friday after work [to wrestle], sleep in the airport, and then fly back home. That's how passionate I am about what I do."

He also took issue with those who say he has exploded on the scene too quick, just weeks after joining the “Raw” circuit.

All these people with, "Oh, yeah, the slow build." Well, I ain't waiting around for nobody. All the other lads, you can wait there and you take your time and you can wait years, but there's no stopping me. I'm not tanned, I'm not a dark-skinned fella, I don't talk like everybody else – I'm completely different. If John Cena thinks I'm like everybody else ... he's in for a big surprise.

He also said fighting for WWE was a dream come true. "The most important thing for me was wrestling – always. I wanted to be recognized by the WWE. Being from Ireland, it's kind of hard. WWE doesn't come over to Ireland too much, and there's no wrestling schools in Ireland; there are a few in England, but the level has dropped off significantly. Basically, I had to find a way to get noticed, and getting experience with documentaries and films was great, and it helped me get in front of the camera.

But it was kind of a tool to help me: The ultimate goal was always being in the WWE and becom[ing] a WWE champion.

He says he is fighting to rid the world of the stereotypes about the Irish.

"I wanted to get rid of the stereotypes of drunken paddies, and lucky charms, and Irish lads and donkey carts. I wanted to bring a more positive image, and back in the day the Celtic Warriors were the most feared warriors in Europe. People were afraid to invade Ireland because the guys were all lunatics; they wouldn't hesitate to just stand in your way or come down swinging axes and swords. A lot of Celtic mythology stuff is pretty deep and pretty interesting, and it's been taken and put in different stories and different movies."