WWE Champion Sheamus got in Mike Tyson’s face at a recent RAW event, but the former World Champion heavyweight boxer seemed to scare the bejaysus out of the flamed haired wrestler.

The Dubliner seemed to flinch a little when Tyson, who was hosting the event, faked a butt as they were nose to nose, but the big talking Celtic Warrior was soon warning Tyson not to test his Irish temperament again.

Sheamus interrupted Tyson, who was talking to the crowd, and wasn’t shy on dishing out the insults to the tattooed boxer.

“Did I hear that right, did they just announce you as one of the most iconic sport figures of the 20th Century?” asked the pale-skinned Sheamus.

“Just a matter of opinion, just a matter of opinion,” replied the diplomatic Tyson.

“You are no icon. Baddest man on the planet? You’re nothing but a washed up ex-champion,” continued Sheamus, clearly trying to get into Tyson’s good books.

“See, I am the WWE Champion and that makes me the baddest man on planet,” continued the bould Sheamus, who duly showed how bad he was when he flinched as Tyson pretended to butt him.

“I dare you to do that again, because if you do, you better make sure you better make contact,” added the slightly flustered redhead.

Stay brave Sheamus, channel your fighting Irish spirit!