In the annals of Irish sporting victories it is the most unlikely ever.

Beating England at cricket is the equivalent of Ireland beating the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter etc. at baseball.

Yet Ireland have pulled of an incredible miracle in the cricket World Cup in Bangalore.

How much were they the outsiders?

Well bookmakers had them at 150-1 after England had batted first and ran up -- well a cricket score of 327 runs.

Ireland has fifty overs or innings to surpass that total, an unheard of accomplishment.

No one in the history of the cricket World Cup had ever overcome such a deficit.

And for Ireland to do it over England, who had just recently beat Australia for the Ashes, perhaps the major trophy in cricket, was entirely absurd.

That was before a cricketer called Kevin O'Brien who no one had ever heard of hit the fastest century in the history of the world cup. He hit all around him and the English could simply not cope.

Suddenly Ireland were in with a shout and as the game drew to a close they surpassed the English total.

Cue a celebration that was as wild as it was unexpected.

Irish Prime minister -elect Enda Kenny showed what the victory meant to the beleaguered country.

"Ireland's victory marks one of the finest days in Irish sport, and my warmest congratulations go out to each and every member of the squad after this historic win.

"Their supreme effort will lift the spirits of every single Irish person, no matter where they are in the world. Ireland's performance is truly inspiring, demonstrating that, with self-belief, the apparently impossible can be made possible, and that real change can occur."