Multi-millionaire golfer Rory McIlroy has been bowled over by the happiness and the humility of the children battling against the after-effects of the earthquake in Haiti.

McIlroy, who led the Masters for the first three rounds this year, is in Haiti on his first official trip as Ireland’s Unicef ambassador.

His mission is to help teach children how to avoid cholera by washing their hands properly.

The 22-year-old from Holywood in County Down has visited schools, hospitals and camps devastated by the earthquake in January 2010 which left hundreds of thousands dead and nearly a million homeless.

“Nothing could prepare me for meeting the children in Haiti and I am truly amazed by how happy they are,” McIlroy told the Irish Independent.

“As this was my first visit, getting to find out more about Unicef's work and meeting with Unicef staff in areas such as health, water and education has been very important.

“The everyday things that we take for granted in Ireland are so longed for in Haiti.

“With the rainy season starting here, I've been learning about the different ways Unicef is working to reduce the spread of cholera and protecting families living in the camps.”

McIlroy’s visit has made a major impact on the children Unicef are targeting in the fight against cholera.
Unicef Ireland executive director Melanie Verwoerd said:  “Rory is a great ambassador for our work, helping to draw attention to the ongoing plight of children and young people living in Haiti.”


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