Rory McIlroy was so near and yet so far at the PGA championship but there is little doubt where he is heading.

Though barely 21 he has finished in the top three in three majors in the past twelve months.

He very nearly won two of them, the British Open and the just concluded PGA title.

He is better than Tiger Woods was at his age. It is only a matter of time before he wins a major then look out world.

He has the sheer natural talent to become the most successful player of the next two decades, a title that is surely up for grabs as both Tiger and Phil Mickleson appear to be fading.

While Tiger and Phil still get the bulk of the attention,especially in the U.S media, McIlroy has suddenly become the most consistent major tournament performer.

He knows he should already have a major.

Certainly the PGA title loss came down to a narrowly missed putt which would have put him in the playoff.

The British Open came down to one blown round yet he rallied to finish third.

Those are natural growing pains for one of the most natural golfers in history.

We are only seeing the first stirrings of a great legend.