Mitt Romney and Paul split on BYU v Nortre Dame game

Finally, a wedge issue that caused a split on the Republican ticket on Saturday.

Paul Ryan’s family and Mitt Romney’s family attended the Notre Dame BYU game and cheered for different teams.

“This is probably maybe the only wedge issue between the Romneys and Ryans,” Tobin Ryan told ABC News in a phone interview.

Two of Mitt Romney’s sons, Craig and Tagg, are BYU fans and Tobin Ryan, Paul’s older brother, is a Notre Dame alum and big fan. Tobin’s older brother, Stan, also attended Notre Dame and graduated in 1984.

Tobin Ryan, who graduated from Notre Dame in 1987, gave the Romneys a tour of Notre Dame stopping at the grotto and the Basilica.

They then both attended a fundraiser for Romney/Ryan in downtown South Bend and the families sat together at the game.