The signing of Plaxico Burress is a major mistake for the New York Jets.

Since when is a Giants cast-off, especially one who has done time, a good signing for Rex Ryan and company?

Burress has been trouble at every team he played with and the Jets will be no exception.

Sure Rex Ryan has a way of working with talented but immature players but Burress is a case all on his own.

Firstly, he hasn't caught a ball in over two years, secondly he is an age, 34, when receivers get injured and thirdly he is trouble.

Did I say trouble? This is a guy who had two domestic disturbances calls to cops in the Fall of 2008.

This is a guy who went to night club with a gun in his pocket and somehow shot himself.

This is a guy with numerous disciplinary problems, so bad that even the notably tolerant Steelers and Giants were happy to see him go.

According to the Associated Press, Burress has been sued at least nine times since he joined the NFL in 2000

You could tell by Eli Manning's demeanor that the last thing he wanted was Burress back

Now it will be Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez's problem.

Did I say Plaxico is trouble? Did I say he will be a major problem for Gang Green.

Yes I did.

Watch this play out.