William Tapley
Let's face it, for most Notre Dame fans Monday night's national championship game felt like a three hour visit to the dentist.

The Fighting Irish were, to put it mildly, routed. And one rather strange man who predicted the outcome also claims he knows why.

Almighty God, claims William Tapley, is was sending America a stark message: President Obama is the Leopard, the fourth beast mentioned in the Book of Daniel. And, oh yeah, the Apocalypse is coming.

And you thought just the game was hell on earth?

Is there ever a time when the Apocalypse isn't coming, though? And is the Creator of the infinite universe really going to use a college football game to make His mysterious ways known to man?

Tapley, 73, a retired furniture engineer from Forestport, New York is in no doubt. A well known religious zealot, he refers to himself the 'Co-prophet of the End Times' and 'Third Eagle of the Apocalypse,' which must make for a bit of fun at parties. But he's deadly serious about his predictions, as video below makes clear.

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Obama sounds like Alabama, he says. And Notre Dame is a Catholic institution, which means it's important to Catholic bishops, and the Catholic bishops were deified by Obama. Or something. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

This is a man who actually looks forward to the end of the world. So much so he writes ear bleedingly celebratory songs about it. Check them out below. And remember that Notre Dame's defeat was actually God's plan.

Notre Dame vs Alabama: A Prophecy?