Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly

Get used to the Fighting Irish winning ugly.

Scraping through against bottom of the barrel Boston College was neither pretty or perfection.

But it got the job done.

For critics of the win I say Remember Tulsa.

Sure Tommy Rees had his worst game in the Blue and Gold-- but he still won.

And he's 12-2 as a starter.

He is starting to look like Tim Tebow. We will scratch our heads as to how he wins but he does.

Just win Baby.

Brian Kelly has come to appreciate the importance of that too.

He's no longer the riverboat gambler now he's like the sober sheriff.
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Against Tulsa last year he got intercepted in the end zone when a field goal would have won the game.

He learned his lesson,

Yesterday with the ball on the BC 41 and fourth and one he punted.

That's a different style.

But when you run a turnover prone team, playing it by the rules is the best plan.

And the Champs Bowl now beckons.