Brian Kelly will interview with Notre Dame tomorrow in New York.

ESPN is reporting the big interview — but as I have said on before anyone else reported it — the deal is done with Brian Kelly.

He will be the new football coach at Notre Dame.

The Kelly pursuit actually began — as I have said — right after the loss to USC, when it became evident to key Notre Dame officials and supporters that Weis was not able to win against a big team.

Since then, Kelly has been the only one in their sights.

His price has gone up since the last second victory against Pittsburgh, but the reality remains the same. Kelly was picked out by Notre Dame at least six weeks ago. He is the their No. 1 pick and they will be very aggressive in trying to get him.

In fact, I think they probably already have.

Tomorrow's meeting may be no more than a formality, and the interview with Jim Harbaugh of Stanford was never going to go anywhere.

So then, it looks like it's Brian Kelly for head coach — and a national championship for the University of Notre Dame in the future unless something goes very badly wrong.