Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is said to be top of the list of coaches ready to be wooed by Notre Dame says the South Bend Tribune.

Big mistake.

The Tribune says Notre Dame is seeking a coach first and foremost with defensive capabilities to shore up a team that has been deeply exposed this year.

This is the equivalent of fighting the last war when the next one will be totally different.

Notre Dame is about to face a major crisis at quarterback when Clausen decides to leave. They may also lose Golden Tate. Its offense stupid that the new coach will have to focus on. Stoops is no offensive genius

Also Stoops is a coach on the decline with very little left to prove. His Sooners are a mere 6-5 this season.It is the first time since 1999 that Stoops has had a five loss season.

He has lost three in a row BCS national championship games after winning the 2000 title. He has a massive $30 million contract with Oklahoma that Notre Dame would have to eat.

Brian Kelly is an up-and-coming coach who is hungry,lean and mean, and has the offensive skill set to clean up the mess Weis is about to leave behind.

Though he's about the same age as Stoops his career trajectory is pointing up, not down. Stoops has done his best coaching at Oklahoma a perennial power.

Kelly has created a national contender from nothing at Cincinnati. He is by far the better choice