At the Holywood Golf Club, a group of Rory McIlroy’s biggest supporters watched the tournament that they all undoubtedly wished they could see in person. They cheered “as he scored wonderful birdies or achieved difficult pars,” according to the Irish Times. Their cries could be heard when Rory’s dad Gerry came on screen, and when he finished the 18th hole, “the cheerings could surely be heard in Maryland.”

After a terrible finish at this past Masters’ in Augusta, McIlroy has evolved into the epitome of a true career turnaround. According to bleacher report, Rory “fired a 69 in the final round, breaking the US Open scoring record with a 268 and winning by eight strokes.”


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Other memorable moments of his game included when McIlroy “birdied the first and fourth holes to take a 10 stroke lead”, his success with nearly acing the 10th hole, and managing “the difficult  back nine at even par.”

The McIlroy family is well known around the club, with Rory acting as a mentor for the younger golfers and his parents working hard to provide Rory with the opportunities to advance his career. The Irish Times cites that Rory’s father Gerry would sometimes work four jobs and 100-hour weeks to support the expensive sport.

Club president Derek Reade claims that Rory was “always so unassuming, he always enjoyed his golf.” Club professional Stephen Crooks agreed, citing that “This is the start of something special. He will be world Number One before you know it.”

Northern Ireland town of Holywood erupts with celebrations after Rory McIlroy’s US Open win