Notre Dame's back in practice, and yes that was Michael Floyd taking his customary veterans' spot at the front of warm-up line.

Floyd, now newly reinstated following a four-month suspension, appears not to need to rebuild trust and respect - his teammates have apparently given him a pass.

'It's one of my friends,' Irish quarterback Dayne Crist told the Chicago Tribune. 'I want him on the field and I want to play with him and I want to finish what we started.'

After Floyd's March 20 DUI arrest, the Irish's concerns have moved from his well-being to the timeline of his returning to the lineup.

'Michael is one of my best friends, and we all make mistakes — some of us on a bigger scale than others,' center Braxston Cave told the Tribune. 'We're moving on from that and it's great to have him back, for sure. He's an outstanding player and he picked up right where we left off.'

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Defensive end Ethan Johnson agreed: 'I wasn't upset with him, like, 'Oh, how could you do this to us?' I was upset for him, because he put himself in that situation, and it's really unfortunate. As far as trust? I trust that he didn't do it on purpose.'

'Players do not care. At all,' ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit added. 'They want their boy out on the field. He's one of them. I don't think there's any hesitation, because of the magnitude of what he can do for that offense.'

'As a team, we did a poor job of letting it get to that,' Crist added. "We need to do a better job of making sure it doesn't happen again, whether it's Mike or anyone else. That's being a friend and not getting lazy with it. Because we got lax, and something happened.'

Notre Dame's Michael Floyd