A Yorkshire man is being sentenced for the murder of two young jockeys, including Galway man Jamie Kyne, when he torched a block of flats in drunken revenge.

In September 2009, Peter Brown started a fire when he was refused entry into a party at the flats. The fire killed Jamie Kyne (18) from Kiltrougue, County Galway and Jan Wilson (19) from Forfar, Scotland.

Brown started the fire when he used white spirits to light some trash in a the communal entrance. Kyne and Wilson were in the flat on the top floor. As the fire whipped through the building and up the stairwell many occupants were forced to jump or climb down the drainpipes. Kyne and Wilson were trapped at the top of the building.

Thirty-seven-year-old Brown was found guilty of manslaughter in Leeds Crown Court. He has been acquitted of arson with the intent to endanger life.