The Olympic silver medalist and 10-time Irish senior champion Ken Egan will make his first appearance for Miami in the World Series of Boxing in November.

Egan has signed a contract with the U.S. based side and comes up against Los Angeles in his first fight.

Americas WSB contingent is made up of Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City and Memphis. Another four teams from Asia and four from Europe will also compete.

Currently Egan is with the Elite Irish Senior squad in Belfast training with the Ulster team. He said that fighting in the World Series as a positive move for his career.

Speaking to RTE he said "I'm looking forward to competing at the World Series for Miami…I feel it will help to improve me as a boxer and I welcome the challenge.

"The World Series of Boxing season will be running over a few months beginning in November, but I'll be defending my Irish title at the National Stadium in Dublin in February. My Irish senior title is very important to me, especially with the Olympic qualifiers coming up."