With his failed bout with Sheamus in Los Angeles still smarting, Randy Orton (The Viper) will probably be determined to take a bite of the reigning World Wrestling Entertainment champion, Sheamus.

In a special one-night-only Raw World Tour stop at 8 PM on Saturday in the Oceanfront Arena, Wildwoods Convention Center in New Jersey the grudge match begins.

Hell bent on revenge for a knockout after the match, Sheamus, the man so pale skinned he glows, will show the world the meaning of his fiery red-headed Irish temper, and says if he's smart Orton might as well not even show up to Wildwood.

The Ginger Glow Man says he'll be using his signature moves - the crucifix bomb and Irish curse - to keep Orton from stealing the championship.

'I'll probably get to use 'em all on Orton, poor fella. He'll be lying in a bucket of ice afterward.'

Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 272 pounds, the strikingly tall Irishman has come to dominate the WWE after making his debut a little over a year ago.

'It's been brilliant!' Sheamus says of his success. 'It was a childhood dream of mine. 'Course, I'm not very popular for doing that. Gingers aren't very popular, anyway. It's all jealousy.'

Then the Irish superstar gives a hearty laugh at this thought. You can tell he's really having fun. 'There's never been a WWE superstar like me. I'm vicious. I'm aggressive," Sheamus says. 'I want to put that ol' guy out to pasture once and for all.'


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