Since all the mid season Heisman chatter is beginning to heat up like Ramen noodles in a college dorm room, I guess there’s no better time to rate the top-five worthy candidates.  Now remember, this isn’t an opinionated list, just simply the facts of who actually leads the Heisman race. 

And don’t worry Notre Dame Domers, you’re well represented.

1. Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama:  My goodness is he a super sophomore.  After he runs through would-be-tacklers, he runs past them.  Just last week, Ingram left trails of smoke on the Alabama field, torching South Carolina for 246 rushing yards on 24 carries.  He’s third in the nation in rushing yards (905) and averages just under seven yards per carry.  And it doesn’t hurt that he plays for the No. 2 team in the country.

2. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida:  Superman already won the award in 2007 as a sophomore, but he’s on the prowl again.  The southpaw is keeping the Gators at the top spot and has a nation leading 16 game winning streak going.  He’s unflappable under pressure and just became the all-time SEC leader in touchdowns. I heard Tebow’s energy during games is the main cause of global warming.  

3. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame:  If only he had completed one of those three passes from the four-yard line last Saturday, his name would have been about 20 lines up.  However, what Clausen did when the Irish were down 20 was extremely impressive, especially with the entire country watching.  He rallied his team to two fourth quarter TDs. He’s been playing injured, has three game-winning drives, and is listed in the top-10 of just about every statistical quarterback category.   

4. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas:  If there was an award for the hottest girlfriend, he would win it by a landslide…If that’s any consolation.  McCoy wasn’t overly impressive against the Oklahoma Sooners last weekend.  But wins are just as important in the eyes of Heisman voters and he found a way to get it done.  He was a front runner at the beginning of the year but needs a killer finish to grasp the Stiff Arm Trophy. 

5. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska:   I’m convinced that the best defensive player in college football should always be  mentioned          with the best offensive players.  And who better than Suh “I eat offensive lineman like they’re Captain Crunch” Ndamukong.  He’s an absolute monster (6’4, 300 lbs) that has the agility and speed of a defensive back.  His stats are terrific, but he fails to lead the country in any of them.  You could bet if Nebraska didn’t get embarrassed by Texas Tech this past weekend, Suh would receive serious consideration.  But there is no doubt he’s one of the top-five players in the country.  

Honorable Mentions:  These boys are still lurking, like paparazzi in Brittany Spears’ bushes. 

  1. Jacory Harris, QB, Miami:  He’s so gifted athletically and has the “U” winning games again.

  2. Chase Keenum, QB, Houston:  Throws for 4,000 yards a game, but plays for a mid-major. 

  3. Tony Pike, QB, Cincy:  Was injured against USF last weekend.  Certainly doesn’t help your Heisman chances.