The daughter of a record breaking Irish marathon runner has become the youngest person at the North Pole.

The Press Association reports that endurance runner Richard Donovan flew his eight-year-old daughter Jaime, to endure -26 temperatures for the 10th anniversary of the marathon he organizes in the Arctic.

"It was cold and the helicopter was noisy," Jaimie said when she arrived back on dry land.

"I loved the North Pole and I want to go back."

According to Guinness World Records, Alicia Hempleman-Adams, holds the record for the youngest person to be at the geographic North Pole, after she travelled there aged eight years and 173 days on May 1, 1998, to meet her father. But based on the same calculation,  Jaimie beat this record by one day.

Her father Donovan recently set a new record for running seven marathons on seven continents in less than five days.

"I decided to bring Jaimie and my wife Caroline this year as it was the 10th year of the race and they were long overdue a trip to see what I've been working hard to achieve for the last decade," he said.

"It was a simple coincidence that she seems to be the youngest to stand up there. I was just proud of her very good behaviour and the fact she took the trip in her stride at her age, embracing the adventure."