Reality TV star Orlaith McAllister had a night of passion with former English soccer captain John Terry, she revealed today – while Terry’s wife was pregnant with their twins.

McAllister told the News of the World today that she slept with Terry after a Christmas night out in 2005 with the Chelsea soccer team.

They first bumped into each other at the Café Royal nightclub in London’s West End. When the footballers moved on to another club, the Elysium, McAllister went with them.

Just one day earlier Terry had announced his then partner, Toni Poole, was pregnant (she is now his wife). "It's the best news ever,” he had told the News of the World. “The greatest Christmas present in the world.

"One baby would have been fantastic, two is just amazing – it's winning the double."

McAllister is a Belfast born model, who featured in the reality TV series Big Brother. She has become known for her racy antics and dress-sense, boasting that she earned $390,000 in six months, for nude modeling.

A source told the News of the World: "Orlaith looked amazing and it wasn't just Terry who noticed her, it was every bloke in the club.”

Terry “couldn’t stop staring at her,” the source added.

Terry’s  twins are now three years old. They are with their mother in Dubai, where the couple own a holiday apartment by the sea.

Orlaith McAllister, reality TV star