A plucky Kildare chicken has become the latest pet psychic in Ireland. Rocky the chicken is being dubbed as Ireland’s answer to Paul the Octopus as he has so far predicted the All-Ireland championship results.

Elaine McDonald told the Evening Herald that she knew there was something special about their family chick. "There was something exceptional about him from the beginning," she said. "He used to sit up on my husband's shoulder and if I'm on the computer, he'll be up beside me, trying the keys."

The two month old family pet makes his predictions by opting to eat seed from one out of three saucers.

"We put out three saucers with the names of the teams playing either side or one in the middle called 'draw/other'," Elaine explained.

No one can accuse Rocky of bias as he has predicted that Kildare will lose to down this weekend in the All Ireland semi final.

The McDonalds daughters Ella (2) and Hanna (1) adore the two family chicks."The girls got up one morning and found Rocky downstairs and they thought that all of their birthdays had come together," Elaine said.

The McDonalds were so impressed by Rocky that they decided to get him a pal. Their second chicken called River helps Rocky out in his predictions also.

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