Irish tenor Ronan Tynan has called former Yankee manger Joe Torre ' a clown' and 'petty,' and said it was “painful to see people throw stones” after Torre said he did not not deserve a world championship ring after the 2000 World Series.

Torre wrote in “The Yankee Years” that Tynan and actor Billy Crystal were  “Steinbrenner cronies,” who should never have got rings before coaching staff members who were overlooked.

This week, Tynan, who has performed “God Bless America” for the Yankees during  the seventh inning stretch for years to great acclaim, hit back.

Speaking to writer, Mike Farragher, he said: "I bought the book and read it and the clown wrote about me. I mean I like Joe and all but I guess he took issue that the scouts didn't get a ring and I did. It was all so petty.”

“I was surprised that was brought up as an issue. George Steinbrenner is passionate about the sport and the Yankees and loved to win. If you were part of it he included you if he thought you were part of the win. The Yankees are good people and it is painful to see people throw stones at people you think a lot of it.”

Surely it is not Tynan's fault that he was awarded a championship ring, and couldn't it be argued that the tenor has been responsible for some moments of inspiration of his own during the seventh inning stretch?