It has been reveled that the GAA are secretly planning to create exact replicas of the All-Ireland football and hurling trophies.

In an effort to keep everyone happy, the GAA will use the replicas to meet the demand for the cups appearances at various locations and events throughout the country and beyond.

According to reports the replicas are near competition.

It is believed that leading gold and silversmiths in Ireland have taken an oath of confidentially about the creations.

It is not known what the cost of the replicas will be but it's said to be high as both cups are made from solid silver.

The GAA when approached has declined to comment.

Each team who wins the All-Ireland hurling and football final are allowed to retain the cup for 12 months.

The original Liam McCarthy Cup, based on the design of an old Irish drinking vessel, cost £500 and was made in 1922 by Edmund Johnson, a Grafton Street jeweller. It commemorates the memory of Liam McCarthy, born in London to Irish parents in 1851, who was prominently involved in the establishment of a GAA county board in London in the 1890s.

Gaelic football’s Sam Maguire Cup is named after a native of Dunmanway, Co Cork, born in 1879, who emigrated to London, worked with the post office, was prominent in GAA circles and reputedly initiated Michael Collins into the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Often simply referred to as “Sam”, the original cup was modelled on the Ardagh chalice, cost £300 and was made in 1928 by Hopkins and Hopkins of O’Connell Bridge, Dublin.

Sam Maguire Cup