Former Irish golfing pro David Feherty has opened up about his celebrity status and inability to bite his tongue.

Such is his fame as a pundit and interviewer that The Los Angeles Times has described him as the third most famous person in golf after Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson.

Speaking about his fame, Feherty a County Down native  told the Los Angeles Times that being recognized “wears me out,” adding, “I'm trying to do my job, being unobtrusive, being a fly on the wall and getting cutting edge with information.”

He admitted to bipolar disorder a former drinking problem and a lifestyle so hectic that when CBS first approached him he thought it was “60 Minutes” ready to do an expose on him.

The  Golf Channel host is currently running the second season of 18 scheduled hour-long episodes. His latest guest was former President Clinton, who appeared on his show on Monday night. Feherty’s show became the most-watched series premiere in the network's 16-year history, when it debuted on the Golf Channel last year.

A former European Ryder Cup Team mate, Feherty has made a name for himself from his controversial television commentary.

On Nick Faldo, he once said, “I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn't be here this week. He is attending the birth of his next wife.”

On his success, Feherty said he thinks his fans are more accepting of his outrageous statements because he has been so honest about his personal struggles in the past.

“I went through a divorce and a horrifying 2½ years of my life, and I have no idea how anybody could play golf through it. It ended my career,” Feherty said. “I was just lucky to be at the right bar at the right time when it happened and I got hired by a network that didn't notice.”

On growing up in Ireland, he said that he was a terrible student apart from two subjects.

“Music and English,” Feherty said. “In those I excelled without trying. I had a most wonderful English teacher and music teacher. The music teacher taught me how to listen. The English teacher taught me how to imagine.”

Speaking about the County Down man, Sergio Garcia said he shows a side of golfers people might not see otherwise.

 “It's true sometimes that people might not understand or appreciate David's sense of humor, but I think that helps show us as regular people and not just professional athletes,” Garcia said.

Watch a preview of Bill Clinton’s interview with Feherty below:

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