Rocket is the most storied wide receiver in Notre Dame recent history but Golden is better than the man rated the 75th greatest player to ever play the college game.

Rocket is the greatest kick returner in Notre Dame history but Golden is a better wide receiver.

Look at Tate's reception in the end zone against Washington State on the last play of the first half.

Jimmy Clausen threw a Hail Mary from the 50 yard line. Tate, who is only 5' 11'', went higher than three taller defenders and incredibly came down with the ball.

He pulled off a similar catch against USC when he soared like an eagle to grab the football in the corner of the end zone.

I have simply never seen a receiver for Notre Dame with a better pair of hands.

Ismail had speed to burn but he would never have made the catches that Tate is now making.

Clausen to Tate is like Montana to Rice - they are both that good.

The easy victory over WSU merely reinforces the sense that if we had Michael Floyd as a double threat with Golden we would be undefeated now and on our way to a national championship.

Meanwhile Tate, whether lining up in the wildcat formation and running amok, or soaring in the air on Hail Mary passes. has become the most exciting player at Notre Dame since the legendary Rocket.

And the good news is he will be even better next year - providing he and Clausen don't break for the pros.

For Notre Dame's lets hope not.

There's a national title in this team.

The big question will be which of them wins the Heismann.