Gay Cork hurling goalkeeper Donal Óg Cusack has been criticized by opponents Kilkenny prior to tomorrow’s All Ireland hurling semi-final between Kilkenny and Cork.

In his autobiography last year Cusack came out of the closet and revealed he had received the harshest treatment from Kilkenny fans.
Kilkenny have now responded through their former GAA president Nickey Brennan and former forward star Eddie Keher.

Brennan stated Cusack’s comments about Kilkenny were "ungracious" and "totally unnecessary" while Keher said that he would not touch the goalkeeper's book "with a forty foot pole."

In Cusack's book, 'Come What May,' the he wrote about a heavy defeat to Kilkenny.

"The abuse coming down on me from the terraces is among the worst I can remember," he said. "It's poison, but there is such glee in it. We are the unforgiven. They just don't want us beaten, they want us torn limb from limb.

"The more disorder there is in Cork, the more Kilkenny likes to be thought fondly as the land of milk, honey and contentment. The GAA's version of the Stepford Wives."

Brennan said, "Donal Og Cusack's book and his ungracious (and to be honest totally unnecessary) comments about Kilkenny hit a nerve, not just with the players, but with Kilkenny supporters at large.

"Those 'Stepford Wives' comments from the Cork custodian will continue to haunt him for as long as he is involved in Cork and Kilkenny clashes.